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Back in pink

Posted in weather on April 10, 2013 by D.B.

I was on sick leave for a couple of days. Sorry about the break. What we have here is a spectacular sunset above the Rhine valley, caught on camera by lovely Mrs. B.


Rainbow 2

Posted in church, weather, Wieblingen on April 14, 2011 by D.B.

In honour of Ritchie Blackmore (of Deep Purple and Rainbow fame), who turns 66 today, I help myself to another rainbow picture taken one late March wednesday.

Three is family

Posted in Bergheim / Weststadt, bridges, weather on April 12, 2011 by D.B.


Posted in church, weather, Wieblingen on March 31, 2011 by D.B.

Is this too cheesy to be true? A magnificent rainbow rose above Wieblingen yesterday afternoon. I dropped everything I was working on immediately to take my camera for a walk.

SUNday seat

Posted in Neuenheim, spring, weather on March 27, 2011 by D.B.

As I said, the cherry blossoms were absolutely marvelous in the last couple of days.

Tonight, we’ll know who can take a seat in Baden-W├╝rttemberg parliament, who can return to the back benches, and who can retire for good. Maybe even our head of government Stefan Mappus? It’s one of the most exciting elections in ages.

update: thanks to Steffe’s suggestion, I’ve now cropped the picture in a slightly different way.

Theme day: Favourite part

Posted in Neuenheim, theme day, water, weather on March 1, 2011 by D.B.

Here we go again, sorry about the break I took.

Today’s theme day is “my favourite part of town”. Tough choice, I went for the Neckar meadows. On a sunny spring like today, it’s obviously many people’s favourite spot. That big HEIDELBERG graffito on the opposite bank is totally unintenional!

Happy theme day everyone! Click here to view thumbnails for all participants

What the fog

Posted in weather, Wieblingen on February 10, 2011 by D.B.

Thick fog over the fields next to the new Schollengewann quarter of Wieblingen.