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The river Neckar, once again doing its best to try and look like an oil painting.


Skywatch friday

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We’re slightly out of area here. Edingen, the first town outside the city boundaries on the left bank of the river Neckar, has a small harbour zone down by the river that looks pretty much out of use these days. This is a view up the river towards Heidelberg and the Odenwald mountains.

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Who else gets to do their training in front of a world famous sightseeing scenery?

Morning sun

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A morning view from Wieblingen weir towards the city centre.

Long ship running

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Down around the corner, half a mile from here / you see them long ships running, and you watch them disappear

Theme day: Favourite part

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Here we go again, sorry about the break I took.

Today’s theme day is “my favourite part of town”. Tough choice, I went for the Neckar meadows. On a sunny spring like today, it’s obviously many people’s favourite spot. That big HEIDELBERG graffito on the opposite bank is totally unintenional!

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