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Theme day: Pedestrian crossing

Posted in Uncategorized on April 1, 2013 by D.B.

Today is the first city daily photo theme day since the relaunch of my blog. I’m glad I’m back on board. Today’s topic is “pedestrian crossing” – with the focus on the pedestrians rather than the technical area designed for them. I chose this one – the man in a hurry is not actually on a pedestrian crossing. I had been drawn to the mirroring building behind him when he literally jumped into the picture.
Happy theme day everyone! Make sure to visit and see how people allĀ around the world brought today’s topic to life.


Playing tunnel

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Out of area

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Back from a short trip up north. No local pictures at hand at the moment. Stop-gap: A shot from Scharbeutz beach (Baltic Sea).


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The church we saw glimpses of last week.

Partial Eclipse

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This morning’s partial solar eclipse was rather disappointing. At the climax around 9.17, heavy clowds blocked everything worth seeing. I caught this glimpse around 10.30 (I did not see the ‘bite’ until downloading the pictures at home). This one was about five minutes later, with the moon almost leaving the solar disc (shot taken through a solar protection screen).

More fireworks

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