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Rust in the wind

Posted in Schlierbach on August 3, 2010 by D.B.

The signs of neglect around former Wolfsbrunnen restaurant.


Skywatch Friday

Posted in reflection, Schlierbach, water on July 9, 2010 by D.B.

The tranquil pond of Wolfsbrunnen.

A Wulff it is (Theme day: Reflection)

Posted in arts & crafts, reflection, Schlierbach, theme day on July 1, 2010 by D.B.

Wolfsbrunnen restaurant is right up there among the most tranquil and relaxing places in town. It’s nestled next to a well in a beautiful green valley above Schlierbach. According to legend, the pagan seeress Jetta was killed there by a pack of wolves, hence the name and the wolf statue above. (Jetta is also the witch who tried to own the castle by biting through the door knocker; she lent her name to Jettenbühel, the hill underneath the castle).

First built inthe 16th century as a base for hunting outings, Wolfsbrunnen changed owners, looks and purpose  several times over the centuries. It remained a popular place with the Schlierbach locals and wanderers until the last tenant gave up a couple of years ago.

A dedicated bunch of neighbours have been looking after the meadows and ponds in recent times. More on the places history can be found on their page.
They also made their voices heard when the authorities were about to sell the ground for good. After years of discussion, a solution was found recently. Restauration work to wake Wolfsbrunnen from its sleep and save it from decay is about to begin.

Today is of course the global daily photo theme day. It’s all about reflection this month. Happy theme day everyone – click here to view thumbnails for all participants!

Is it a wolf?

Posted in arts & crafts, politics, Schlierbach, water on June 30, 2010 by D.B.

Just 30 days after the shock resignation of Horst Köhler, Germany is electing a new President for the second time in little over a year. Christian Wulff of Lower Saxony is strong favourite this time. In about three hours, we’ll know if the Christian-liberal coalition managed to work together at least this one time. Even if not, a relative majority for Joachim Gauck would be the next huge surprise.

Ginkgo II

Posted in architecture, culture, Schlierbach on March 17, 2010 by D.B.

Close-up of the roof structure of friday’s museum. There’s a couple of architectural references to the shape of a Ginkgo leaf in there.

Ginkgo museum

Posted in architecture, culture, reflection, Schlierbach on March 15, 2010 by D.B.

“Museum at the Ginkgo”, a recent addition to the museum about famous physicist and chemist Carl Bosch. The modern architecture is a sharp but interesting contrast to the other villas up on Schloss-Wolfsbrunnenweg.

Legend has it that the famous poem “Ginkgo biloba” that Goethe wrote for Marianne von Willemer was inspired by a Ginkgo tree in the castle gardens (there actually is one, as well as here next to the museum).

Mountain chapel

Posted in church, Schlierbach on March 14, 2010 by D.B.

The lovely Protestant church throwning above Schlierbach, aptly named Bergkirche.

This is probably the steepest part of Heidelberg half marathon, which I featured last year. If you turn slightly to the right, you get this view.