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The foggy view

Posted in Altstadt on April 5, 2013 by D.B.

A foggy morning as seen from this spot in the forest.


More pedestrians

Posted in Altstadt, Bergheim / Weststadt on April 3, 2013 by D.B.

Another, Tenin-esque take on the theme day theme. One of the busiest pedestrian crossings in town leading from Bismarck Square (back) to Hauptstrasse (behind my back). Spaghetti fountain just visible in the centre.

Peace Lisbon

Posted in Altstadt, arts & crafts, politics, university on April 4, 2011 by D.B.

A rather harsh, but very artsy criticism of the EU’s Lisbon treaty. While the treaty does in fact envisage rising miliary spending, a common EU security and defense policy seems further away than ever at this point. Common military operations even more so. Hell, they can’t even find a proper consensus regarding Libya.

(The graffito is on the scaffolding that shades Neue Universität at the moment, as seen from a library window across Grabengasse.)


Posted in Altstadt, arts & crafts, church on April 3, 2011 by D.B.

A little further up from Neckarmünzplatz, we get to Karlsplatz. It’s undoubtedly the spot in the old town that gives you the best view of the castle. But for now, we turn the other way and see a fountain figure and Heiliggeistkirche in the back.


Posted in Altstadt on April 2, 2011 by D.B.

A second look at yesterday’s object.

Theme day: Edges

Posted in Altstadt, reflection, theme day on April 1, 2011 by D.B.

Bus shelter on Neckarmünzplatz. Happy theme day everyone!

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Ivory towers

Posted in Altstadt, architecture, university on March 30, 2011 by D.B.

Well, not exactly ivory, but sandstone, slate and copper. Turrets of the university library.