Japan aftermath

News from the Fukushima Daiichi power plant is getting worse and worse. Government call the situation “unpredictable” after plutonium has been found in samples gathered outside the reactor building. How on earth Tepco think they may have stopped the “temporary partial” meltdown, nobody knows except for themselves. IAEA claim that “In a crisis of this nature, it is vital to provide, and share, speedy and accurate information.” Well, IAEA themselves seem to hand out information only after it’s been spread by the international media (cf. the plutonium situation).

As a result of the catastrophe, we now know that all German political parties are on a non-nuclear course. “Yes, we got the message” says LibDem leader Westerwelle. How quickly things can change. Oh hang on, he said that after the Northrhine-Westfalia voting desaster, too, regarding some other message he thought he’d got.

Is this just German angst, or are we finally heading in a sensible direction?

Today’s picture shows a lovely tea shop in Neuenheim. They have a message in the window. “All our Japanese tea was harvested in 2010 (May-September)”.


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