Stumbling stones

And now some gold (or rather bronze) on the floor. These are the first “stumbling stones” laid out in Heidelberg. They remind you of Jewish or other citizens who were killed or displaced in the Nazi years. People passing by not literally, but metaphorically stumble across this plaques on the ground – in front of the houses where those remembered used to live. It’s great to see people halt their stride, look down, read, and think just for a moment.

The project “Stolpersteine” is growing all over Germany. In Mannheim, for example, you see them much more often. Other Heidelberg sites are going to follow.


One Response to “Stumbling stones”

  1. They have had these in Berlin for quite some time. I always stop to read them when I can. They also have signs inside many apartment buildings that list former residents who left against their will.

    Here’s one example I got a few years back:

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