Street View

Google Street View Germany started yesterday, featuring the 20 biggest cities of the country (HD is not among them). Another round of “oh my god, google is the devil”, anyone? Or another go at those who dare not to want their houses be shown online? Heaven’s sake, there’s always two sides. It’s a great useful tool, and if people want to have their houses blurred – alright, let them have their way.

If this were a GSV shot, it would have been from two metres high, not just above street level. And I would have had to blur people’s faces and the license plates. As there aren’t any in it, Photoshop has had a quiet morning. If you are one of the two ladies down the street and want to have the back of your head blurred, please let me know. 😉

What we see here is a narrow street along Jesuite church.


One Response to “Street View”

  1. leif hagen Says:

    I like the cobblestones and the photo angle! Nicely done!

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