Black cat day


2 Responses to “Black cat day”

  1. Hi from Valladolid:

    First of all congratulate you on the blog. I love your pics and hope to continue with mine as long as you are. The reason for my comment is that by glancing at City Daily Photo I was surprised to find that your post of yesterday is very similar to one that I have thought hang in the near future. It occurred to me to start a new category on my blog entitled “Mirror” and add that similar to other photos I’ve seen in CDP. In each case with a link to the original post referring to its author. I hope that you find interesting idea and I’ll start with my photo tomorrow referring to yours of yesterday.


    Valladolid Daily Photo

  2. Hi there,
    that sounds like a good idea. I have seen pictures on CDP in the past that made me think – wow, this looks like something from my town!
    By the way, I love your U2-related title for the sunset picture…

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