Theme day riddle

What’s this?

Have fun guessing – and happy theme day everyone!

Click here to view thumbnails for all participants


4 Responses to “Theme day riddle”

  1. Wonderfully bright colours but I’ve no idea what they are.

  2. Well, I like the colours and I like the curves. And I like the black outline. And I like the little blades at the bottom which I think might be duck feet.

    This is a line of ducks waiting in a fair ground to be shot at … anywhere close?

  3. Great Theme Day post! Are they the edges of awnings all in a row? Mine is up at Portland Oregon Daily Photo.

  4. Julie, you are very close… but Lynette has got it spot-on! See today’s post.

    I admit I fooled you by twitching the picture by 90 degrees. Or rather: This was meant to be in upright format, but that’s the way the camera saves pictures. So I refrained from turning it back the way it should be…

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