A dilemma – why I’m not going to vote

a) I’m on holiday, but that’s a poor excuse

b) The ballot in question makes it impossible. It reads: ‘Should the city of Heidelberg build an extension to Stadthalle?’ Well, I do see the necessity for an extended congress centre downtown, not a new one next to the train station as any other city has. So, I can’t really vote ‘no’, cause it means nothing is ever going to be built. As long as there are no feasible plans for other sites, let alone investors willing to carry them out, no is no option.
On the other hand, I can’t possibly vote ‘yes’ when the proposed plans are an absolute eye-sore. So, as long as I can’t chose a more pleasing one from different plans, yes is no option, either.

c) Both campaigns have been really poor on the argumentative side of things. More on that later. But als long as the Yes camp is not willing to show the public what the new thing is really going to look like – who the thell do they expect to vote in favour of it?

d) As long as the plans do not include how the people living at the site are going be relocated in a socially acceptable way – yes is no option.

So, as feeble as this may seem from a democratic point of view – the only option I see is abstention.


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