Catch me if you can

The ruins of St Michael’s make for a wonderful adventure playground. Just before watching this boy and his friends play tag, we found ourselves climbing all the wall stumps ourselves and thinking ‘we’d never allow our kids to do this…’

Work on the monastery started in 1023 on the site of a former Celtic settlement, then Roman temple. Thhe first inhabitants were Benedictine monks, followed by the Cistercian order and finally, in 1265, Premonstratensians from Allerheiligen in the Black Forest. This is where the name Heiligenberg actually derives from – it’s not been known as a ‘holy mountain’ since ancient times as some stories want you to belive.

The church fell apart in the early 1500s (the last monks were stricken by the crumbling bell tower). It was transferred to the university, which turned it into a quarry for other buildings.


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