Theme day: Funny signs

I thought this was worth re-posting. Had I known June theme day was going to be “funny signs”, I’d have waited for it to show you this door inside a swimming pool in the city centre.

edit: I guess I should add that this door does in fact lead you to both the pool and the loo. It’s a misleading combination of signs nevertheless 😉

Funny theme day everyone! Click here to view thumbnails for all participants

In order to keep up the “a new picture a day” tradition, you might want to take a look at this one: The sign reads: “it’s forbidden to walk on the frozen surface”. Erm, right… The tiny pond that used to be there has vanished ages ago. The sign remained.

Other funny signs I posted recently:

– Why you can return unwanted children at IKEA.
– A BBQ in the middle of the river?
– The pub you’re never going to enter.
– Not all the bells are ringing.


5 Responses to “Theme day: Funny signs”

  1. That is very unusual, in other pools you are usually discouraged from doing that. It is funny.

  2. I laughed at both contradictions!

  3. Neue Form der Eigenurin-Therapie?

  4. Oh, that’s a good one! Makes one think twice about going for a swim!

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