War & Peace

65 years ago, World War II came to an end – at least in Europe – with occupied  Germany signing an unconditional capitulation. Of course, if you’re in Russia, you’ll be celebrating May 9 as the day because of the time difference (should I say that’s the reason for posting that late today? It would be a lie…).

Anyway, war was over, but peace didn’t actually follow for another 45 years during the Cold War. At least in Western Europe, the great project of integration was started soon after (as of  May 9, 1950) – and as troubled as the EU is at the moment because of the Greek financial crisis, maintaining peace for such a long time can’t be seen as anything else as a huge success. Long may it continue.

Today’s picture is Handschuhsheim’s Friedenskirche. It’s been featured before, but this view is from adjacent Kriegstraße.  I’ve always thought this to be quite a peculiar combination. Peace Church on War Street.


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