April theme day: Red

As I mentioned before, Friedrich Ebert memorial houses a splendid exhibition mainly showing early Weimar years caricatures. This installation shows you the way Friedrich Ebert, first president of the republic, used to be ridiculed: Whereas former kings and emperors had had a sceptre and a golden orb as insignia, an umbrella and a pumpkin were used to depict and devalue the new rulers from the – red – workers’ movement.

Red is also the topic of today’s global citydailyphoto theme day. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants


5 Responses to “April theme day: Red”

  1. Thanks for providing an explanation — I would never have known of that on my own. The red chair is fantastic though!

  2. Beautiful chair and great choice for the theme day!

    The story is nice too!

  3. leif hagen Says:

    That’s quite a fancy RED chair or throne! Marvelous, royal posting!

  4. Oh what a marvellous chair for Theme Day. a wonderful choice. Love the pumpkin! The history is bizarre.

    And a couple of days late to wish you a veyr happy anniversary – your first year. Very well done.

  5. That is a very eye-catching photo. What a great story to go along with it! Sehr schoen!

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