Freed from the ice

Springtime has finally arrived! In for a bit of poetry? This shot could well have been inspired by Goethe. “From the ice they are freed, the stream and the brook / By the Spring’s enlivening, lovely look / The valley’s green with joys of hope / The Winter old and weak ascends / Back to the rugged mountain slope” (Faust, Outside the gate).

The brook here is the old Rohrbach in the quarter of the same name. It runs through the street “Kühler Grund”, home of the famous Eichendorff song.

In einem kühlen Grunde / Da geht ein Mühlenrad / Mein’ Liebste ist verschwunden / Die dort gewohnet hat. / Sie hat mir Treu’ versprochen, / Gab mir ein Ring dabei / Sie hat die Treu’ gebrochen, / Mein Ringlein sprang entzwei. ()

(In a chilly vale / a mill-wheel spins / my darling disappeared / who once lived there / She promised to be faithful / and gave me a ring / but she broke her promise / and my ring broke in two)


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