church in controversy

I was asked for an inside view of Heiliggeistkirche two weeks ago. So here you go! These modern glass windows were highly controversial when they were installed a couple of years ago. They’re meant to represent church’s relevance to modern life. It’s not a coincidence that this church houses a photo exhibition called “God in prison” at the moment. It’s about the work of priests who look after prisoners (check out Gülay Keskin’s homepage for details. She’s an awsome professional photographer). From the outside, the partitions showing the pictures look like prison doors – a monstrous contrast to the church interior.

I’m still trying to get to terms with the demission of bishop Margot Käßmann as head of German Protestant church earlier this week. I know she had no other choice after being caught in a drunk-driving incident. And yes, it’s all her own fault as she should have known better.

Still, I find this case sickening. Here was one modern woman who made it to the top and had the guts to speak up when she saw things go wrong (Afghanistan anyone?). That made her a highly  controversial figure recently, as well as being a divorced (!) mother of four. In my eyes, her history just makes her so much more down-to-earth and in the middle of life than most of her Catholic counterparts. Sad to se her go.


2 Responses to “church in controversy”

  1. I usually love stained glass windows but those sure aren’t very beautiful. I wonder if they’ll replace them with something else??

  2. No. I guess they’re here to stay. I find them a bit over the top, too. I’d prefer the oh-so controversial Richter window of Cologne cathedral over these any day (check out this great picture:

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