Theme day: Wood

As usual, the first day of the month is the city daily photo community’s theme day. Today’s theme is WOOD.

I was caught a bit cold on this one. My choice is almost, but not quite a re-post. It’s a leftover from a series which ended up with me posting a slightly different angle back in May 2009.

And now I’m looking forward to explore what interpretation of wood people around the world came up with. Happy theme day everyone! Click here to view thumbnails for all participants


8 Responses to “Theme day: Wood”

  1. Trust you to make art out of a pile of wooden pallets! Fantastic!

  2. yes, pallets, pallets and more wooden pallets. very functional and used for so many things

  3. It’s a cool entry, I like it. And since I didn’t see the May 2009 posting it’s all new to me šŸ™‚

  4. I love the rhythm of this image.

  5. Dancing pallets. Man on the right, woman on the left.

  6. Thanks everyone. THS, believe me I never would have thought of seeing it this way. But you are spot on.

  7. Rhythm and shape in wooden pallets!

  8. Good photo. Especially like the off kilter rhythm of the opposing piles. Reminds me to rethink the common things I walk by. Thanks for the lesson.

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