Theme day: Changes

Heidelberg, they say, is a city very reluctant to change. If that’s a pity or not, that’s up to everyone. I’m sure that this is what makes a lot of her charming atmosphere.

Anyway, it’s hard to predict what is going to change in 2010.  With this archive picture, I give you the town hall controversy.  Stadthalle, not a government building, but a place for concerts and small conferences, is set to be extended with a new building. Problem is that a house nearby would have to make way. In a recent (non-representative) survey, a majority voted against any extension. Among those who chose one of the proposals, only about 10 percent voted for the one that won the official architectural competition.

It seems that Albert-Speer-like monumental colons have been out of fashion for 60-odd years. It’s just that the jury didn’t notice.

So while the water front may change its look in a more distant future, I guess the plans might do so a bit sooner.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone, and a happy theme day, too. Click here to see what kinds of changes daily photo bloggers around the world expect in 2010.


4 Responses to “Theme day: Changes”

  1. very interesting post for theme day. it will be interesting to see what actually is added and how this view will change. you should chronicle it. Happy New Year and I wish you many good photos in 2010!

  2. Ah yes, the resistance to change. Such a delicate balancing act. Nice choice for theme day!

  3. That’s quite a fabulous, historic building! Happy THEME day and Happy New Year!

  4. I’m usually one to vote against messing with old buildings although in some cases I’ve seen some nice results. 10% seems a little low, maybe the jury should listen to the voice of the people 🙂 if they decide to go on with the project. Interesting interpretation of theme day.

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