No game today

A tiny bit of snow fell on Thursday morning. Today, most of it has vanished. So far, it hasn’t exactly been the coldest of winters. And with the climate conference in Copenhagen steering towards a disappointing anti-climactic end today, it seems like we’ll have to settle for snowless winters in the near future. Erm, no, that will be the case anyway since climate change can’t be stopped (or even reversed), but only limited to a certain degree just bareable for most people (for some, it won’t be).
Keeping that in mind, I’m a little upset about people calling on Copenhagen to “save the planet”. Well, earth itself isn’t in danger. It’s life as we know it.
One of my favourite jokes these days (if a little fatalistic):
Planet A: Man, I’m having a terrible time.
Planet B: What’s up?
Planet A: I’ve caught an infection. Must be homo sapiens.
Planet B: Don’t worry. It’s going to pass.


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