Auditorium II

Grosser’s audience. You’ll be more interested in the gorgeous room. I left the people in the picture to give it more dimension.

The Old Auditorium, redesigned in the late 19th century, really is a great sight. On the ceiling, you can just about make out one of four medallions representing the four original faculties (arts, medicine, law, theology). All along the balconies, you find names of great scholars of former times. In yesterday’s picture you see profiles of the uni’s two founders Karl and Ruprecht (left of Alfred Grosser and right behind him, respectively). Above him is a huge painting that has Pallas Athene arrive in Heidelberg allegorically. The bust portrays grand duke Friedrich, who ruled over Heidelberg at the time of the uni’s 500th anniversary in 1886 when the auditorium got today’s look.


One Response to “Auditorium II”

  1. Indeed a magnificent auditorium! The details, the wood, the ceiling! Einfach ausgezeichnet!

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