Main street: Ritter

Hotel Ritter (knight), on market square, near the eastern end of main street. Built in 1592, it’s said to be the oldest building in town, the only one that survived all of the big fires and several wars undestroyed.
High on the gable, out of this picture, golden letters read: Persta invicta venus – remain unbeaten, beauty!
See the worried look of that lady sitting outside? Tomorrow, you’ll see the reason.


3 Responses to “Main street: Ritter”

  1. Schoenes Hotel! It would be fun to see a picture inside. How much does one night cost there? Wish I could visit Hotel Ritter and enjoy dinner there! Herzliche GruBe von EAGAN daily photo

    • Leif, I’ve only ever been to the dining room with an interview partner. And guess what, it’s absolutely marvellous in there. I’m pretty sure the hotel rooms will be no different. That’s what you should expect for double rooms ranging from 118 to 206 €.
      Thanks, Birdman.

  2. I like this shot, caught in action. Great building shot too.

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