Two picture Sunday: Jesuite church

churchwindowA view through a window of Jesuite church out on the sunlit houses next to it. Jesuite church is the biggest Catholic church in town (the biggest one, Heiliggeist, is Protestant. The oldest one, St. Peter, has been transferred to the university). The Jesuites’ majestic facade looks over many uni buildings (and usually caught my eye during many a linguistics course), the tower almost seems to be part of uni square. The interior has been renovated recently, with a beautiful new organ prospect made of shiny aluminium installed. Definitely worth a visit, even if you’re not Catholic.

jesuitenAs mentioned before, the Jesuites were supported by a new palatine dynasty who tried to re-establish catholicism. The area around this church was their starting point, but traces of their influence can be found all over the old town. Watch out for some of them.


One Response to “Two picture Sunday: Jesuite church”

  1. GruB Gott! A beautiful church photo! Wish I could visit this church on a Sunday! Ich habe Geburtstag heute! Herzliche GruBe von EAGAN daily photo

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