Theme day: Feet

s-printing-tracesThis refers back to my very first post at the end of March.

The three-legged horse sculpture a HD main station has at trail of hoofprints behind it.

Each trace has one of three different patterns inside the outer circle, so each hoof “leaves” its own distinct mark. Clever, eh?

Happy theme day everybody!

Click here to view thumbnails for all participants


3 Responses to “Theme day: Feet”

  1. Guten Tag feet! Heidelberg feet meet German feet! Greet horse feet or sculpture feet when you meet on the street! Your theme FEET were a treat! Auf Wiedersehn feet! EAGAN daily photo feet greet from my friendly Minnesota, USA street!

  2. well your photo makes one think. very clever indeed

  3. Clever indeed, and I think both the sculpture and the hoof prints look great. I like them.

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