Star of david

davidsternJust by pure coincidence, these traffic signs look like the star of david. Today, the state of Israel is celebrating 61st anniversary of its foundation. German society has a strong feeling of responsibility for Israel’s right to exist. That’s why many people were disappointed there was no German delegation in Geneva to confront Mahmud Ahmadinedjad’s anti-Israel provocation.

I’d like to link to a daily photo blog in Rehovot, our Israeli twin city, like I’ve done with Montpellier. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be one.


5 Responses to “Star of david”

  1. I second your thoughts.

  2. Nice blog you have

  3. A big “bravo” for this post! The photo is stunning and the text matches it very well. I agree with you as regards what happened in Geneva.

  4. Thank you all, much appreciated!

  5. Sehr gut gemacht! Ihre Fotos sind sehr kunstlerisch. Mann konnte sie raumen und auf dem Wand als Kunst hangen. Ich studiertete in der “BRD” in 1987. Ich bin neu bei CDP; ich habe mein EAGAN Daily Photo angefangen. Herzliche GruBe aus Minnesota in den USA

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