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Back in pink

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I was on sick leave for a couple of days. Sorry about the break. What we have here is a spectacular sunset above the Rhine valley, caught on camera by lovely Mrs. B.

The foggy view

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A foggy morning as seen from this spot in the forest.


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A friendly looking bench on Bismarck square.

More pedestrians

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Another, Tenin-esque take on the theme day theme. One of the busiest pedestrian crossings in town leading from Bismarck Square (back) to Hauptstrasse (behind my back). Spaghetti fountain just visible in the centre.


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When the only colourful things you see are dustbins, you may well be in Neuenheimer Feld… Don’t they look like painted Easter eggs so well hidden that nobody found them?

Theme day: Pedestrian crossing

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Today is the first city daily photo theme day since the relaunch of my blog. I’m glad I’m back on board. Today’s topic is “pedestrian crossing” – with the focus on the pedestrians rather than the technical area designed for them. I chose this one – the man in a hurry is not actually on a pedestrian crossing. I had been drawn to the mirroring building behind him when he literally jumped into the picture.
Happy theme day everyone! Make sure to visit and see how people allĀ around the world brought today’s topic to life.

An Angel

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Above the entrance to Christ church.

Happy Easter, everyone!

criss cross

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Looking up the back facade of Galeria Kaufhof department store.

Passion of the christ

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Ceiling decorations of St Boniface church.